If you’re living with your partner during quarantine, I think it’s fair to say that your relationship has changed. Couples who are not classified as essential workers have been asked to stay at home, which means your partner has become your co-worker, sous chef, workout buddy, and social salvation, wrapped up in one messy bow. While navigating this new relationship dynamic can be emotional and perhaps a bit complicated, I wouldn’t be a sex and relationships writer if I didn’t notice the shining, shimmering silver lining— there is more time for sex than ever before! 

While you no longer get to enjoy a date night at your favorite local bar or fun new concert venue before knockin’ boots, this is an opportunity to focus on intimacy, and a chance to get creative about where and how you have sex. While your home has become your office, movie theater, restaurant, and yoga studio, it’s also a steamy safe-haven where you can release your pent-up quarantine energy (although, if you’re sharing the space with roommates, family, or kids, we understand you may have to proceed with a bit more caution). Without further ado, here are some quarantine-friendly sex positions that can revamp your routine. 


Face-off in the kitchen. 


We’re not talking about a cooking challenge. In this sexy scenario, your countertop is your main prop! I would start with this rather unsexy tip: wipe your counters down, because nobody wants stray red-pepper flakes or cookie crumbs ending up on sticky skin or orifices of any kind. Once you have a clean, sturdy counter, you can enjoy the classic Face-off position. 

Here’s how it works: One partner hops up and takes a seat, while the other thrusts and penetrates while standing in front of them. As an alternative to penetration, one partner can give oral sex to whoever is sitting on the counter. Or, you know, whatever you want! The choice is yours.


Stand-and-deliver after serving dessert. 


Alright, so let’s say you decided to try an actual cooking challenge. You enjoy a long, romantic meal at the dining room table, split a bottle of wine, and now it’s time to clear the table— surprise! This is another fantastic opportunity to get spontaneously frisky in your very own home. You can try the stand-and-deliver, where one person leans over the table at a 90 degree angle, and the other partner penetrates them vaginally or anally. Alternatively, the partner could give oral sex or perform a rim job from behind. If the first partner flips over, so they’re back is on the table instead of their stomach, they’re entering the tabletop position (if you try it, we would recommend a sturdy table, as you will bring your full back and bum onto the table). Perhaps you don’t even need to break into the double-stuffed Oreos in your freezer— you may be satisfied with an entirely different dessert. 


Sultry spoon during reruns.


Let’s say you’re curled up in bed together, indulging in reruns of your favorite show, when you both find yourselves getting, for lack of a better phrase, horned up. If you want to indulge in a quick boning shesh, but don’t necessarily want to turn off your favorite episode, I’m pleased as punch to report that you can enjoy both! While there are many different positions that are possible here, The sultry spoon mimics a cozy, curled up pose so you can enjoy TV with benefits. To try this one, both partners lie down on their sides, with one partner directly behind the other, creating the classic big-spoon/little-spoon pose. The big spoon can penetrate from behind, or can finger/give a hand-job to their little spoon. This isn’t the most adventurous of poses, but it does feel safe and comforting, which can be especially important during the emotional roller-coaster that is quarantine! 


Leap-frog after yoga.


Let’s say you and your partner have just finished another YouTube led yoga workout, and you’re both feeling stretched out, sweaty, and impressively flexible. This may be just the perfect time to transition from your downward-dog into a Leap frog! To master this pose, one partner moves into the downward-dog position, but their butt is lifted in the air, while their legs are curled under and their arms are stretched out long on the rug. Their partner can then thrust from behind, or, ya know, whatever you both want! Oral, pegging, fingering-—  the choice is yours. And a bonus? It comes with a nice upper and lower back stretch. Let’s not forget that sex can still be considered an excellent workout. 


Power stance in the shower.


Pre-quarantine, your bathroom may have just been, you know, a bathroom. But now? It’s your sauna! A European bathhouse! A place to steam! Soak! Relax! And maybe occasionally join your partner for some sudsy, slippery sex. If you both are feeling strong, confident, and coordinated, you could try the upstanding citizen (where one partner wraps around the other standing partner), or the ballet dancer (where the couple is standing face-to-face, with one partners leg up and wrapped around the second partner, with the second partner holding up the thigh). But if you’re not looking for any slips, tumbles, and minor injuries, you can also try the power stance, where one partner is standing, with potentially one of their legs propped up, and the other is on their knees, ready to pleasure their partner orally. This is a shower-friendly, safe, and satisfying option, and bonus: clean-up is a breeze! And, you know, if you’re not in quarantine with a partner (or are looking for some much-deserved alone time), you can always take a bubble-bath while your partner makes dinner and use your trusty vibrator. Because during quarantine, is there really any better self-care than that?

Photo by Daniele Riggi on Unsplash