Condom size and fit is critical to the comfort and performance of your protection, but it can be super confusing to figure out what size condom is best for you and your partner. Wondering what size condom to use? Check out our condom size guide below to find the perfect condom for you.

Sustain Tailored Fit

Did you know that 30% of men purchase condoms that are too large for them? You have to admit, there's nothing worse than having a condom slip off in the moment. Our Tailored Fit condom provides extra security to ensure that things stay in place - no matter how heated the action gets.


Sustain Comfort Fit

Get comfortable. Our Comfort Fit condom has a tapered base for a secure fit and is wider towards the tip (think: baseball bat), allowing for greater freedom of movement.

Sustain Ultra Thin

Double your pleasure. Our Ultra Thin condom is made with thinner latex, which provides a heightened sexual experience with no compromise in safety.

Sustain XL

Our biggest size yet. 5% longer and 7% wider at the base than our Comfort Fit style, with ribs and dots for extra sensation and pleasure.

Looking for the technical specs of every condom we make? Check 'em out below:

condom size guide

By the way, condoms are a a class II medical device, which means that - Sustain or otherwise - all condoms have to meet the same FDA guidelines. But as you may know, Sustain has a handful of added benefits:

It's always a pleasure to do what's natural. Shop condoms.