Want to Have Better Sex? Talk About It.

Every fall semester, I stand at the podium with over 150 college students staring at me and

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The sexiest TV shows to binge watch while self-isolating

Several days ago, I took a break from my regularly scheduled Real Housewives programming to FaceTime with a friend, and we returned to our regularly scheduled topic of conversation: deep horniness in the time of self-isolation.


I was 28 before I had my first orgasm.

When Daisy M. was a teenager, she remembers watching television and movies where the heroine would lose her virginity to the cute, nerdy underdog.


A sex therapist on anxiety, self-pleasure, and arousal non-concordance

An interview with Casey Tanner, MA, LCPC.


Saying no to sex is still sex positive

Recently when I was on vacation with my boyfriend I just wasn’t feeling ~it~.


Condom size guide: How to find the perfect fit

Condom size and fit is critical to the comfort and performance of your protection, but it can be super confusing to figure out what size condom is best for you


Sex talk: How to communicate what you want in bed

In a perfect world, great sex would be just like the movies.


Your guide to sex, cowgirl style

If you haven’t heard, Yeehaw is having a moment, y’all. From Lil Nas X to Kacey Musgraves, we’ve never been more inspired to throw on some riding boots and rhinestone denim.


All about orgasm

There are few things in life as simple and pleasurable as an orgasm. Orgasms are free to have, can be done alone or with a friend, have been shown to relieve stress, improve sleep, and can maybe even add years to your life


In defense of vanilla sex

I have always liked to think of myself as a curious and adventurous person. I love traveling new places, trying new foods, and meeting new people. However, when it comes to sex, I’ve learned that’s one part of my life where I’m completely happy being vanilla.


10 ways women have accidental orgasms

There are so many articles online devoted to just how hard it is for women to reach orgasm. Fair enough, it’s a big issue. But what about if the opposite is true for you? Where you are minding your business, and out of nowhere: An Ooohrgasm!