Want to Have Better Sex? Talk About It.

Every fall semester, I stand at the podium with over 150 college students staring at me and

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How to have great sex from behind

I’ll be the first to say it: Doggy style (or sex from behind) gets a bad rep, even though it’s one of the most dependable sex positions out there.


Sex advice from some of your favorite celebrities

It’s not often our favorite celebs are eager to talk about their sex lives, and it’s not hard to understand why (you’ve seen TMZ, right?).


Lotus 101: A guide to this botanic boning position

Some of the best sex positions are accomplished by taking risks, from our bodies achieving new levels of flexibility to giddily hopping on top of our nicest furniture, but the position that perfectly melds physical and mental vulnerability is none other than the Lotus position.


Fact or fiction: Common STI questions

One of the best ways we can practice safe sex is by getting educated on sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


Dyspareunia: What causes pain with sex?

Dyspareunia is a persistent, reoccurring pain that stems from penetration, and can have a burning, throbbing, or aching sensation. It can happen to people of all genders, though it is more common in women.


How to choose a sex toy and properly clean and care for it

Deciding that you’re ready to purchase your first sex toy can be exciting, intimidating, and thrilling all at once.


The sexiest TV shows to binge watch while self-isolating

Several days ago, I took a break from my regularly scheduled Real Housewives programming to FaceTime with a friend, and we returned to our regularly scheduled topic of conversation: deep horniness in the time of self-isolation.


I was 28 before I had my first orgasm.

When Daisy M. was a teenager, she remembers watching television and movies where the heroine would lose her virginity to the cute, nerdy underdog.


A sex therapist on anxiety, self-pleasure, and arousal non-concordance

An interview with Casey Tanner, MA, LCPC.


Saying no to sex is still sex positive

Recently when I was on vacation with my boyfriend I just wasn’t feeling ~it~.