Want to Have Better Sex? Talk About It.

Every fall semester, I stand at the podium with over 150 college students staring at me and

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Here’s what your sex dreams are telling you

Have you ever woken up in the morning, feeling slightly foggy-brained and definitely confused about why you spent all night dreaming about doing the erotic accordion with a friend who you aren’t even attracted to?


Fertility questions answered

As a women who is rapidly approaching my third decade around the sun, my feelings about fertility have shifted from worrying about preventing pregnancy, to worrying about if I am still able to become pregnant at all.


Sniffing out the link between sexual attraction and scent

Animal attraction is a thing, or is it? Scientists are divided about the link between human sexual activity and scent


Your love horoscope

Who doesn’t want a love story that’s written in the stars? Well, you can have it.


Relationship tension? Massage it out

If you or your partner is dealing with stress, you both tend to feel the tension.


How mental health affects your sex drive

Have you ever been curled up with your partner on the couch, felt them playfully move their hand up your thigh, and thought “hubba hubba! yes please!”, while your body responds with “ehhh…no thanks, try again later, pal.”


Tips for long distance couples during quarantine

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the isolation of quarantine has the ability to make you feel even farther away from your partner.


5 sex positions to try during quarantine

If you’re living with your partner during quarantine, I think it’s fair to say that your relationship has changed.


Pain with sex? Here’s what a physical therapist recommends

When people think physical therapy they most often think of athletes and exercise. While this is partly true, as a physical therapist, my education and training was all about function.


Your guide to period sex

The average woman spends over 6 years of her life on her period. Yet 74% of women report missing sex because of their period.