Want to Have Better Sex? Talk About It.

Every fall semester, I stand at the podium with over 150 college students staring at me and

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What causes condoms to break during sex?

There are three words you never want to hear during sex: “The condom broke!” Okay, and maybe also, “Is Nickelback playing?” but let’s focus on the condoms for now.


What’s missing from sex education? An educator tells all

In American classrooms, students have often feared their sex ed class, preparing to have a teacher demonstrate the classic condom-on-a-banana routine.


Vaginal Dryness 101

We don’t know exactly when, but at some point in recent history, it was universally decided that “moist” was one of the most hated words in the English language.


How your menstrual cycle and your sleep cycle are linked

Have you ever had one of those nights where you have work or school first thing in the morning, yet midnight strikes and you are still filled to the brim with energy?


Everything you’ve wondered about squirting, answered.

It’s the question teenagers ask themselves when they’re watching porn, but wouldn’t dare ask their health teacher. 


How to have a hands-free orgasm

Just like there isn’t one way to have sex, there isn’t one way to achieve an Earth-shattering orgasm.


What are the ingredients in a Sustain condom?

In case you didn’t notice, here at Sustain, we’re not afraid of labels. Especially not our own.


Why is my period cup leaking? 7 common reasons + how to solve them

Switching to the cup almost a year ago was one of my best menstrual decisions yet. I love having fewer interactions with my nemesis,


What’s a “Fair Trade” Condom Anyway? Jeffrey Hollender Gives Us the 411

Words like “Fair Trade,” “Non-GMO,” “sustainable” and “vegan” may sound like a bunch of fancy


How often should you *really* get tested for STIs?

We all want to be safe when it comes to sex, but sometimes it’s hard to know what, exactly, that means or how