It’s finally time to pull out the cozy sweaters, throw on your favorite boots, and find an excuse to order a pumpkin spice latte ASAP, because October has finally arrived. As we sink into this spooky season, some of us may be feeling haunted by our strange summers, or scared to peek behind the curtain to see what’s coming next. We’re still living in a time of uncertainty, which is bound to make us feel a bit uneasy, but we’re certain that the familiar fall festivities will bring some much-needed joy and comfort. Now let’s dive in, shall we?




Happy birthday Libra! While I know you typically get a little overwhelmed by the idea of planning your big day, I imagine that your expectations are low this year — which may feel just right. In the past, the majority of your birthday planning has centered around what your friends and family enjoy, which has always made you feel content, but what do you want this year, Libra? What will feed your soul during a time where everyone is feeling a bit depleted? Perhaps it’s not a fancy cake, a group hang in the park, or another cyber birthday party — this year you may want to do something entirely for yourself. If your dream plans this year are to order your favorite takeout and curl up with your beau, then you do you! If you want to take a long bike ride throughout your city and end at your favorite bar for a pint, then open your maps app and start planning! You’ve sat through many zoom birthdays in the past 6 months Libra, and it’s time to make your own joy a priority. 




We can feel your panic settling in, dear Scorpio. With summer officially ~dunzo~ we’ll all be retreating indoors soon, and you’re not quite sure you can take another chilly season quarantine confined to your home. But before you let the anxiety roll in, take a few deep breaths (which I know can be hard to do sometimes), and rather than start to dread the next chapter, take this opportunity to set your sights on a new goal. Whether it’s finally learning how to play the piano, taking up online watercolor classes (Bob Ross #4ever), or studying a new language, you have the power to channel your energy into something productive and long-lasting that will stick with you long after this weird year. But hey — if you’d prefer to spend the cooler months curled up with a book or watching old movies, that sounds just as lovely.




You’ve had a difficult time with commitment recently, haven't you Sag? Perhaps groceries have sat untouched in your fridge while you snack on takeout from your favorite spot, or maybe those new running shoes you bought at the beginning of the summer are still sitting by the door, noticeably untouched, as you opt to sleep in again before work. I certainly don’t blame you for moving at your own pace, Sag, but I know that your lack of follow-through has been bothering you, as you typically do the best when you have balance and routine. While you don’t need to switch up all of your habits at once, it may feel good to implement a few changes that make you feel your best every day. It’s now the start of the month, and a fresh opportunity awaits. What are you going to do with it? 




Last month, you were allowing yourself to explore some choices that may not feel entirely in-character or traditional for yourself, didn’t you Cap? Perhaps you dated someone with obvious red flags or set aside your routine activities so you could tally another beach day in the books. You followed your heart all summer, Cap, and now you’re starting to feel a bit more grounded and pulled back to Earth. Now it’s time to ask yourself the big questions: what exactly is it that you want for the remainder of this year? What responsibilities did you leave on the shelf as you tried your best to have a magical summer, and how will you address them? Your rational thinking and sense of self have always been your strongest attributes, and I think we both know that it’s time to revisit the list of things you’ve been pleasantly avoiding. It will feel better — I promise. 




You’ve been feeling good recently, haven’t you Aquarius? Things are seemingly falling into place, thanks to a lot of hard work and drive throughout the summer. While you are feeling the urge to revel in your success (and why shouldn’t you?) a *small* part of you feels like you should hold these moments of joy inside. While I can certainly understand the impulse and appreciate that your self-aware nature allows you to be empathetic about what’s happening outside of yourself, it’s okay to be proud of your work and enjoy it, Aquarius. While we know you’re not one to scream from the rooftops, don’t be afraid to call up a friend and share what’s happening in your life — your joy will rub off on them, too. 




Whew, Pisces, I’m feeling the heat from where I’m sitting (or maybe I took my AC out too soon?) You’ve been feeling the love this summer, but now that the weather has cooled down and storefronts have swapped out their bundles of sunflowers for pumpkins, you’re wondering what will happen in the next phase of your steamy love affair. The truth? Your relationship may lose a bit of that summer sparkle, but this chapter has the opportunity to be just as rich and rewarding. Less outdoor adventures and more indoor activities may push you to be more vulnerable and intimate with your new partner, and we think you’re up for the challenge. Let cuffing season commence! 




You’re experiencing a bit of an emotional hangover, aren’t you, Aries? This summer felt like one long roller coaster ride, and you endured the highs and lows with enthusiasm and a craving for more. But now that the adventure park is closed for the season, you’re feeling a little dizzy while replaying your actions over the past few months. Now that the dust has settled, you have the opportunity to reflect on your series of adventures, and ask yourself: what was I hoping this summer would distract me from? There has been a quiet tension building in you, Aries, and no amount of hiking trips, beach days, or rooftop cocktails were able to push it away. Take this time to think about what you may be hiding from yourself — you’ll be better for it. 




After a busy summer, you’re looking for everything to slow down a little, aren't you, Taurus? You found yourself overcommitting over the past few weeks, and you’re ready to end the zoom chat, turn off your phone, and take some time for yourself. This is a totally healthy feeling, Taur, and while you shouldn’t keep your close family and friends in the dark (text them and let them know you’re logging off for a bit!), you deserve time to recoup and recharge. Maybe that means canceling your weekend plans and making a fall-inspired soup from Ina Garten’s Instagram, or taking a long walk and listening to your favorite fall music playlist. Or perhaps it’s spending an entire afternoon in bed daydreaming about Harry Styles (or insert your dream babe of choice here). Take the time you need to enjoy your own company, and when you’re ready to reconnect with friends, again, we know they’ll be very happy to see you. 




I'm here to send a dispatch to my dear, vulnerable Geminis because I know that these days, you’ve been feeling a bit trapped inside your own head. Your listening skills haven’t been great (you’ve been known to zone out a bit at dinner with friends) and your anxieties have prompted you to retreat inward, creating a safe distance from yourself and others. While it’s important to take alone time and make space for yourself, your friends and family miss you, Gem! And they’re here to help. If you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by work, relationships, or, ya know, the state of the world, you’re certainly not alone, and opening up to folks around you that you trust may be exactly what you need.  




You’ve been more in touch with your sexuality recently, Cancer, and I’m popping the champagne (or sparkling apple juice, whatever your preference) in your honor! After a few months of settling into a sexual slump, you’ve recently reconnected with your body (and vibrator) in a way that feels new and refreshed. Perhaps you’ve been allowing your mind to wander into uncharted fantasies, or you’ve found your favorite type of erotica (between books, films, and audio, the choices are endless), and you’re putting self-pleasure first. While before, you may have been a bit timid to explore the creative side of your sexual desires, you’ve finally blossomed into your self-realized sexual self. Cheers to that! 




I’m sensing that you’ve been battling a bit of a bug recently, Leo, and it’s nothing that resembles a seasonal cold. No, what I’m sensing is a bit of jealousy, and that’s not something that a weekend of sleep and ginger ale can fix. You’re often known for your magnetic nature and the way you connect with others, but perhaps you’ve noticed someone hindering your spotlight these days, and those feelings make you want to spin on your heels and retreat. But don’t run away, Leo! Your friends and family need your intoxicating energy more than ever, and just because you may be currently sharing a stage doesn’t mean that we want you to make an exit. Perhaps you can even extend an olive branch to your fellow co-star — you may be a budding dynamic duo without even realizing it. 




You’ve been in a bit of a rut recently, haven’t you, Virgo? You’ve always been known to be a little restless, and the last sixth months have only intensified that gnawing feeling. The days have been blending together, and while you have been feeling fulfilled by your work, social life, and hobbies, you’re still kinda feeling like you’re living in the movie Groundhog Day (minus the cute groundhog). This is why I’d like to encourage you to try something new and a little impulsive that may brighten up your day-to-day. Be the first to ask someone out on a date. Scroll through your favorite sex toy store online and buy the toy you’ve always been curious about, but never clicked “Add To Basket.” Ask a close friend to go on a weekend camping getaway (after getting tested for COVID ahead of time, of course!) Don’t be afraid to dip into a new experience you’ve been putting on the back-burner: it’s bound to add a little zest to your routine.