It’s not often our favorite celebs are eager to talk about their sex lives, and it’s not hard to understand why (you’ve seen TMZ, right?). Quotes can get taken out of context or exaggerated, resulting in a scandalous headline plastered across the tabloids. However, some celebrities have managed to speak frankly about sex, pleasure, and fulfillment, and are willing to be vulnerable about their personal lives to create a dialogue around sexual wellness. In this case, stars are truly *just like us*— at least when it comes to buying their first vibrator. Keep scrolling to read what some of your favorite famous faces have said about their sexual journey.


1. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Riverdale star Camila Mendes (who plays the role of the iconic Veronica Lodge), shared what she believes to be a common misconception about sex. She made the case that there can be a significant difference between love, sex, and intimacy.

“I’ve never liked this idea of “don’t give him everything.” Like you’ve given someone all of yourself by having sex with them. What’s valuable to me is giving you my love and my intimacy.”

In the same interview, Camila’s co-star, Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper, naturally) shared her thoughts on how sex is different with each partner.

“The idea that sex is going to be the same with everyone—that’s a misconception. That’s how I felt when I lost my virginity—I was like, “So this is sex!” And then you have sex with someone else, and you’re like, “Holy sh*t— this is so different.” What you want, what feels good to you—it’s all going to change with every partner you have.”


2. In an interview with The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet, Guardians of the Galaxy (or, for those who don’t like action movies like myself— Crossroads) actress Zoe Saldana shared the way she alters certain sex positions to be more comfortable and pleasurable for her tall frame.

"I have to say, for a long time I was a bit lazy [during sex], so I didn't like to be on top, but I'm really digging it. But I've found things that work … because I have really long legs, you just make them sit or lay on a pillow, or two pillows, that way they're like a little elevated, so I won't be so, like, doing a split because my legs are really long."


3. Comedy legend Amy Poeheler wrote a memoir called Yes, Please! In 2014, where she wrote candidly about divorce, motherhood, and sex. Amy’s key advice? Don’t fake orgasms! You should never have to lie about your pleasure, or what it takes to get there.

"Try not to fake it: I know you are tired/nervous/eager to please/unsure of how to get there. Just remember to allow yourself real pleasure and not worry about how long it takes. God punished us with the gift of being able to fake it. Show God who the real boss is by getting off and getting yours."


4. Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria told Self Magazine that enjoying sex began with enjoying self-pleasure and and buying her first sex toy.

"I didn't begin enjoying sex until I started masturbating. Before that, I really wasn't sexual. I bought my first vibrator a few years ago. It's a shame I didn't discover it sooner. Now I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends. They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm.” Amen!


5. Hollywood royalty Goldie Hawn has been married to fellow actor Kurt Russell for 37 years, and credits good (and frequent) sex as being a key factor to their relationship's longevity. But Goldie isn’t afraid to talk about the realities of sexual desire, and claims that they are both understanding of each other's fantasieseven if they don’t include one another.

"Monogamy is a very tough order. You're in the prime of your life, you are attracted to other people, potentially, you have fantasies about that. It really runs the risk, if you will, if you're not aware that you could maybe screw up a really good thing by doing that. "I'm sure I've been party to it, and Kurt's been—we're all normal this way. It's like, 'You really liked that guy, didn't you?' Or the woman says, 'You were looking at her.' My answer would be, 'Of course. Why not? She's beautiful.' Would you want a man who doesn't look? Who doesn't feel inspired by the beauty or the curves of a woman's body? Or the way she is? I mean, come on. We're human beings."


6. Girls Trip star Jada Pinkett Smith hosts a round-table talk show on Facebook called Red Table Talk, where she discusses a variety of topics with her mother and daughterand that includes her sexual journey. Like Eva Longria, Jada is a sex toy enthusiast, and explored self-pleasure at a young age (thanks to honest conversations with her Grandmother), which she credits with helping her foster a healthy sex life with her husband, Will Smith.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with sex toys … I think by [21], I gave myself multiples first. Multiple orgasms. I was really into it at one point, just because I was in an exploration state and I was abstaining from men. I actually think I went through kind of an addiction, too, with it. And then one day, I was just like, ‘Enough. You’re having five orgasms a day.’ You get addicted ‘cause you can create so much pleasure. You just constantly want it.”


7. Actress and Goop CEO Gwyneth Paltrow has never shied away from talking about her vagina and supplying products for itfrom vaginal jade eggs to a vagina-scented candleso it’s no surprise that she shared some of her own authentic tips to having great sex with Vogue. The list includes sex toys (of course), ethical porn, orgasm equality, and how she approaches anal sex with her male partner.

“Both of you should read all you can about it first. Spend a few weeks helping the receiving partner train her anal sphincters to relax. Make sure you and your partner have great sexual communication, trust, and that you both want to do it, as opposed to one trying to pressure the other, or not wanting to do it but doing it because you are afraid your partner will find someone else who will. Do not do it drunk or stoned, and do not use lube that numbs your anus. If it doesn’t feel good when it’s happening, stop. Some women say they have amazing orgasms from anal, but usually they will be stimulating their clitoris at the same time.”