We are all about making periods more sustainable, which is why we are huge fans of the period cup. Did you know that period cups can save tens of thousands of tampons from ending up in a landfill each year?!

Many of you have been asking though, if the period cup can only be used for 3 years, what is its environmental impact?

Today, the only 100% waste-free and infinitely reusable period product is a cloth pad. While this is a great option, many people prefer the ‘freer’ feeling of a cup or tampon. The cup eliminates the day-to-day waste you get from tampons, which can definitely add up! But after 1,095 days, the Sustain period cup also makes its way into the municipal waste stream. Because of its interaction with bodily fluids, our biomedical grade silicone period cup cannot be recycled. It would be a little weird to think that your reusable silicone cupcake liners were made from a used period cup...yikes!

But, even though you do eventually have to dispose of your period cup after several years of use, there are additional environmental benefits to using the period cup instead of tampons, such as its material -- silicone! Silicone is a non-toxic substance that is more ocean-friendly than plastic. When plastic makes its way into oceans and other bodies of water, it can break down into chemicals that are harmful to marine life and other vegetation. Silicone, on the other hand, is derived from silica, which is a type of sand, and has a much lower chance of releasing chemicals into the surrounding environment.

So at the end of your cup’s lifetime, you’re only putting one 74mm-long cup into the municipal waste stream -- and compared to hundreds of tampons, this is a pretty big win! Just another reason to love your cup even more.