If you are in a long-distance relationship, the isolation of quarantine has the ability to make you feel even farther away from your partner. The bright side of a long-distance relationship is counting down the days until you have an endless supply of snuggles, smoochin’, and sex, and not knowing when you'll be able to enjoy these relationship perks again could certainly cause some sadness and anxiety— but we have some ideas to keep your spirits (and libido) up! 

While there may not be a daily routine to distract you or flirty long-weekend getaways to plan, you and your long-distance boo can continue to thrive while keeping things spicier than ever. With a little creativity, passion, and a fully-charged phone and vibrator battery, here are some tips for long distance couples to get through the quarantine blues. 


Write romantic letters


For those of you who only send letters when it’s time to thank Grandma for the birthday money— trust us! Letters can be the perfect way to build anticipation between you and your partner, and give you the opportunity to be as vulnerable, loving, or, okay, sexually graphic as you desire. We encourage you to have some fun and add a few details that make it feel personal and romantic, like a spritz of your signature scent or a loose sketch of the two of you at Coney Island last summer. If you send letters back and forth through quarantine, you’ll always have something sweet to look forward to.


Enjoy ~real~ date nights


While it’s easy to trade in a date for texts with heart-eye emojis, we promise making the extra effort to plan exclusive time with your partner is worth it. Try eating dinner together over video call, or maybe use the Netflix movie-party feature to have a movie night!

Maybe it’s just the two of you on video chat, and you play a rousing, cocktail-fueled game of Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever together. No matter what you do, try your best to put down your phone (and subsequent news alerts), and take the time to connect, just the two of you. While it may not be as good as the real thing, it will help you stay connected and is sure to lift your mood and spirits. 


Start a shared music playlist


Enduring the quarantine separate from your partner means you have a lot of masturbation in your future (which is in no way a bad thing— self love, y’all) so why not co-create a playlist for you both to listen to? The playlist can even go beyond the sultry and sexy— add songs that make you think of the other person, or remind you of a sweet memory you share. Make multiple playlists, even! Hundreds! Okay, maybe not hundreds, but connecting through music at this time can be a soothing and comforting resource to you both. And who knows? Maybe, years down the line, you’ll hear one of these songs at a coffee shop and think warmly about how you and your partner got through this difficult time… or maybe it will instantly make you a little horny. Two birds with one stone, amiright?


Roleplay during phone sex


If you just read that headline and thought “uh— no way, lady,” hear me out! The two of you can traverse through secret desires and unfulfilled fantasies, and trusting each other to commit to one another through role play has the potential to make your relationship even stronger. If you’re feeling a bit awkward at first and need help getting in the groove, try listening to a sensual audio story together (we like the ones produced by Dipsea) or start with the classic, good ol’ fashioned phone sex. Whatever you decide to do, we guarantee it will add a little zest to your before-bed call. 


Send them a small gift to heighten foreplay


Have you been itching to indulge in a bit of retail therapy ~and~ spice up your video chats with your partner? Boy, do we have the idea for you! Sending a flirty gift that the two of you can enjoy together over video chat may be the perfect way to heat up your typical foreplay. Maybe it’s a garment that you think your partner will feel sexy and confident in, or perhaps it’s their favorite wine to sip on, or maybe it’s a new sex toy for them to enjoy alone for now (and eventually together). While this doesn’t need to be a regular occurrence, a rare treat to spice up the video chat might be a fun way to elevate an evening (and brighten their day)!

No matter what you and your partner decide to do, continuing to put work into your relationship during these tough times will make your reunion even sweeter.