There are three words you never want to hear during sex: “The condom broke!” Okay, and maybe also, “Is Nickelback playing?” but let’s focus on the condoms for now.

Condom breaks are scary–there’s nothing worse than your protection losing its primary function when things are starting to heat up. While it may feel like a freak accident, there are a few logistical reasons why they break (and it’s not due to the sturdiness). By learning these reasons, you can feel better prepared the next time you wrap it up.

Let’s start with friction, your frenemy when it comes to condoms. The more friction there is between you and your partner (both physically and emotionally), the more chance that things could go wrong. When things heat up without enough lubricant present, it creates friction that can cause the latex to break. If you lube it up, however, you’re more likely to have a tear-free time! Our condoms are lubricated inside and out, but we always recommend applying additional lube for extra caution and fun. Side note: try not to use too much lube, as this could cause the condom to slip off (the only slip ‘n’ slide we’re interested in is the 90’s backyard staple).

When it comes to partners, size doesn’t really matter, but when it comes to condoms it does! A condom that is too small will feel too tight and has a higher chance of breaking. A condom that is too big could potentially fall off during sex and/or leak. Always make sure to check that the condom you’re using with your partner is the right fit, for protection and pleasure.

So the condom is on–now what? Once it’s adjusted properly, leave a lil’ extra room at the tip for the grand finale. If there isn’t enough space, the condom could pop open, and then “pop!” goes your fun.

Lastly, this simply needs to be said–those old condoms that you’ve been saving in your drawer for years? Throw ‘em out! Condoms do expire, and the longer you hold on to them, the more likely it is that they won’t do their job right. Let’s not set them (and you) up for failure!

And bonus tip: try not to rip open condoms with your teeth–this has the potential to be fun in the moment, but could be a bad idea (if this were a video, we’d now cut to the bloopers).

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