If you haven’t heard, Yeehaw is having a moment, y’all. From Lil Nas X to Kacey Musgraves, we’ve never been more inspired to throw on some riding boots and rhinestone denim. In honor of this pop-culture moment (and maybe more specifically, the Dixie Chicks getting back together), we were inspired to revisit a classic but under-appreciated sex position: Cowgirl.

In the Cowgirl position, one partner (howdy!) is laying down, and the other straddles them on top, leaning toward their partner, so they're face-to-face. The partner on top grinds against the hard shaft, essentially riding the body below them. Below are our Do’s & Don'ts for this iconic ride, so you don’t end up in the Wild Wild West without your horse (a euphemism we made up right this very moment. You’re welcome!)


DON’T ride at a 90 degree angle.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Cowgirl position is the tension between the clit and the shaft (penis, strap-on, etc.) If you are sitting completely upright, you may not get to enjoy that stimulation, and maybe feel a bit like a jack-in-the-box. Lean forward towards your partner, so you can grind against them. Place your arms wherever they’re most comfortable, whether it’s slightly above your partner's shoulders, alongside their torso, or on their chest (as long as they’re comfortable with it). Leaning closer gives your partner the opportunity to touch, fondle and stimulate you, so you’re not riding without reward!

If you want to switch things up, lean back a bit, opening up space for your partner to play with your clit, or attempt the reverse cowgirl position, so you’re facing the other direction and your partner is looking straight at your cute butt, for some variety and potential ass-play.


DO use lube if you’re concerned about dryness and friction.


The Cowgirl position is a great opportunity to mix ‘n’ match different rhythms of your choosing. With all of the writhing and grinding happening, there’s a chance things could get a little irritated if you’re dry. Add a few drops of lube before you start so you can comfortably ride, but don’t go overboard–– you don’t want to slip off!


DON’T feel like you gotta bounce to get you (or your partner) off.


Did you ever see one of those campy, raunchy, early aughts flicks where a woman is riding their partner like a pogo stick? Just us?


Representation of the Cowgirl in film and porn can lead us to believe we should be riding our partner like a bull, bouncing up and down and holding on for dear life. Maybe that’s your preference (yee-haw!) but one of the great joys of this position is finding your rhythm. Whether it’s slow and sensual or upbeat and heated, find the tempo that feels right to you.


DO tuck your legs under.


You’ll want to find a stabilizing center when you’re on top, so you can freely move around above your partner without losing balance. Tucking your legs under gives you more freedom to play without slipping or, ahem, fall of the horse.


DON’T be afraid to get creative!


Cowgirl allows a lot of opportunity for variation and creativity. The repetitive grinding motion can help you find your pace and unique rhythm, as well as give you the chance to take control. Maybe throw in some classic Britney hip rolls or Shakira shakes. You can keep things surprising by mixing up the speed and depth you ride, and don’t be afraid to switch up your style.


DO slow it down if you’re feeling tired.


The Cowgirl is a workout, my friends, and there’s no shame in taking an intermission. If you need a few minutes to rest, slow it down and gently grind up on your partner, sinking into them in a pulsating motion. It will give you a few minutes to catch your breath, and will feel dramatic and sensual for your partner.

And of course, do have fun! Did we miss any tips to make your ride more enjoyable? Throw your hat into the ring below!

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