Who doesn’t want a love story that’s written in the stars? Well, you can have it. All you need is a little astrological knowhow about each star sign’s unique sexuality, and then you can write your own steamy, dreamy romance. 

Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer with decades of experience, and she’s outlined the following guidelines based on you or your partner’s Sun sign. Simply look for the dates that either of you were born to see if your sex styles align.



“An Aries doesn’t hesitate to go after what they want. They love the thrill of the chase.” Self-starting and hotheaded, an Aries might indeed initiate contact but fail to follow through. “They get bored quickly. They’re also impulsive bordering on aggressive, which could be too much for some people or a turn-on for others.” Keep your Aries lover on their toes by trying new things or keeping it kinky.


APRIL 20 - MAY 20

“Taurus is a highly sensual sign that likes to take its time. It’s focused on material experiences, physicality; the here and now.” A Taurus is attuned to touch, taste and sound, so include food, soothing music, silky lingerie—anything that appeals to the senses—but don’t be putting your Taurean lover on a pedestal. “They don’t want to dream about something or worship it from afar. They want it now.”     


MAY 21 - JUNE 20

A Gemini will charm you with their quick wit and nimble mind. “They can be really playful, but also unpredictable if they’re not grounded in a relationship,” says Kathy, “especially if there isn’t a strong enough mental connection to maintain their interest.” A Gemini likes to keep their options open so don’t be surprised if you end up as “just friends”.


JUNE 21 - JULY 22

Traditional family values are a priority for a Cancer. “They feel a strong obligation towards people they’re close to, and they’re incredibly nurturing and empathetic. But be mindful that the symbol of Cancer is the crab,” says Kathy. “Once they get their pincers on you they won’t let go. They may get very attached, but may also be quite guarded since a crab has a hard shell.”       



Charisma, flair and warmth are all qualities of Leo the lion. “They’re outgoing, dramatic and thrive on attention, but ignore them at your peril!” Lavish your Leo lover with praise and they’ll reciprocate with fierce loyalty. “There’s also a proudness to them,” adds Kathy. “As if they were royalty in a past life.” Pander to this and you’ll draw out their playful side, making sex exceptionally fun.



For a Virgo, it’s all about intellect, so woo them with yours. “They have an analytical approach to life, and often look at things in terms of how they can be made better. A Virgo likes to figure things out in a way that’s of service to others, and there’s often a healing bent to what they do. They also have an innate appreciation for hygiene, so showering together could be fun!”



“Libra is the sign of relationship,” says Kathy. “They value the concept of being in love, and they’re into the art of “wooing” in the way we think of it historically.” Think poetry, greeting cards, seductive music, and lingering eye contact over a fine meal. Do what you can to create harmony, the very thing that Libra desires. “They seek balance, but may also create imbalance if their needs aren’t met.”



“Both power and security are extremely important to a Scorpio.” Known as the sexiest of the star signs, this has more to do with their intensity than their love of orgasm. “You don’t always know what’s going on with a Scorpio. They’re intense and profoundly private, but extremely loyal.” In other words, they may adore you, but they’ll never tell—so enjoy the sex, but beware of possessive behavior.     



Good times are guaranteed with a Sagittarius. “They’re incredibly adventurous and fun. Laughter and sexual exploration are key to your relationship, but also know that they love their freedom so don’t get too attached.” A Sagittarius has a low boredom threshold, and a propensity towards a “my way or the highway” attitude—so if things don’t work out, they’ll bounce back quickly. 



A Capricorn is very goal-oriented. Everything they do has to have a practical purpose. “They like to project manage things and provide for you. They’ll show their interest by doing something to make the physical circumstances of your life more solid.” Emotional expression, however, takes a back seat, but don’t take umbrage—they’re fixing your car or cooking you dinner, they’re into you.   



A supremely intellectual sign, an Aquarius would rather indulge in a “sci-fi adventure” with you than some kinky sex, says Kathy. “They treat everyone as friends, loving humanity as a whole, but struggling with people up close.” If your lover is Aquarian, they will value your mind more than your body. “They’re simply wired differently to the other signs, and their heart may not be into sex.”



This is the sign of dreamy beautiful beings, artists’ muses and chameleons. “A Pisces can be anything you want them to be,” explains Kathy,” but don’t be fooled into thinking this makes them soft since they have the strength of a whale.” Your Piscean lover will value spiritual qualities more than material, so woo them with kindness and poetic words, and seduce them with fantasy.    

While all of the above is mighty useful, be mindful that “you need to see someone’s whole chart to really understand them,” warns Kathy. It’s especially useful to know what Mars and Venus were up to at the time of your birth. “Mars is your sex drive, it’s how you go after what you want, whereas Venus is how you relate to what you’re going after.” In other words, they’re the yin and yang of great sex. If you want to know more, get your partner’s natal chart at astro.com.