It’s been a unique time to read horoscopes, isn’t it? The general spirit is constantly shifting as the state of the world continues to change on a daily basis. Let’s face it — it’s difficult to feel grounded in just about anything these days. But because September has almost always symbolized new beginnings— with cooler nights, warmer bed sheets, and a bittersweet farewell to summer, the familiarity in this transition is a welcome comfort to all. So while the future continues to be in flux, we can enjoy the subtle transitions that naturally weave through our lives. Perhaps the approaching new season has inspired you to nest, and carve out a cozy space for you to work on personal projects throughout the colder months. Or maybe it’s stirred something inside that’s been buried in summer heat, and you’re ready to get outside and greet a new adventure or challenge (one that complies with COVID-19 guidelines, of course). No matter what inspires you, change is calling. Can you hear it? 


Happy birthday, Virgo! We know that you’re probably itching to do many things that just aren’t feasible right now, like planning an epic birthday bash, creating a long list of new goals for the upcoming year, or plotting your next big adventure. This past year has given you one of your biggest challenges, Virgo: learning to release control and accept the unknown. During your birthday month, allow room for spontaneity, and watch new relationships and opportunities flourish around you. But listen -- I’m not trying to tell you not to schedule your own birthday zoom, full of dance parties and synchronized shot-taking. You do you! 


You’ve been in a funk, Libra, haven’t you? Maybe because it’s felt like an especially long summer, or perhaps you woke up and realized the season has come to an end before you really got to properly enjoy it. But the change of seasons will ignite a fire in you, Libra, and you’ll find yourself more in tune with your surroundings and more focused. Has there been an online course you’ve been mulling on? Perhaps it’s time to enroll. Have you been talking about taking a road trip all summer, but each weekend slips away as quickly as it arrives? Book your car and start researching the best pie stands. Just like how in fall the leaves turn radiant orange and red, your colors will start to burn bright again. 


Despite it being a socially-distanced summer, you managed to stay in touch with just about everyone, didn’t you Scorpio? Between Zoom hangouts with family, group chats galore, and some socially-distant beach and park dates, you found yourself more connected than ever. You didn’t want COVID to keep you from enjoying the relationships that mean most to you, and this summer, you’ve been able to lay that anxiety to rest. Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time for you to check-in on your most important relationship: the one with yourself. When is the last time you’ve had some down time to recharge? Now might be the perfect time to turn off your phone for an afternoon, map out a long, scenic walk or boot up Real Housewives, and let yourself recuperate from a summer well spent. 


I’m sniffing out a grudge, here — have you been hanging onto some pent-up resentments, Sagittarius? You’ve always been hyper-focused on keeping everyone together...and the last 6 months have created some obvious hurdles. While you’re working to keep your community intact, maybe other folks in your network haven’t been as prompt about returning calls, and you’re left feeling a bit frustrated. Your sensitive nature is one of your deepest strengths, Sag, but it can occasionally work overtime as a weakness. While we understand your hurt, remember that everyone is managing these new circumstances in their own way, and while you want everyone to come together, some people may need to retreat or go off the grid, and that’s okay. And remember, if you’re really feeling the strain, don’t be afraid to reach out directly and share how you’re really feeling, because more likely than not, you’ll be met with some comforting validation and reassurance. 


You tend to be cautious and over-thinking by nature, but recently you allowed yourself room to be a bit more free-spirited, didn't you, Capricorn? The harsh realities of the world prompted a surreal summer that made you want to do things a little differently. Perhaps you made some decisions that you typically wouldn’t, like send sexy pictures to someone that you know isn’t totally right for you. Maybe you skipped your beloved Saturday mornings of running in the park and opted for lying in your bed, watching SNL reruns with a bowl of last night's pasta. These choices are not wrong, but they’re not long-term choices that will make you feel content or motivated. The new season is a perfect time to reset. Reevaluate your habits and focus on what truly makes you happy. And, listen, if that STILL includes last-nights pasta, we fully support you. 


One of the great strengths of an Aquarius is the ability to feel content being alone, but at times, this behavior can make you feel detached. You’re not typically the one to be the first to reach out, and the idea of sending a text to an acquaintance may prompt some serious anxiety. But prompting some social interaction may do you a world of good, dear Aquarius. Because even though you manage isolation well, not everyone in your network may be having a similar experience, and we’re sure they would love to hear from you. Welcome back from hibernation, Aquarius! We have all missed you. 


You’ve had quite the productive summer, haven’t you, Pisces? You’ve taken all of your bottled up energy and thrown it into fulfilling personal projects to keep your mind active and your spirits high. But as summer draws to a close, perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit anxious or bashful about sharing your project with others, and are wondering if you should simply tuck it away and revisit your hard work at a later date. Don’t be afraid to share your vulnerability and passion with others, sweet Pisces, because people want to dig deeper into that mind of yours. Sharing your thoughts with others can help lift spirits, and may inspire others to unlock their creativity, too.  


This past summer, you were deeply in touch with your sexuality, Aries. Maybe it’s something in the water? It’s difficult to know why you’ve been so keenly in touch with your body, but you’ve managed to prioritize self-pleasure and listen to your body's needs. While you’re certainly feeling connected to yourself, sensual Aries, what about others? The past year has made you want to retreat further into yourself, and perhaps you have subconsciously withheld vulnerability from those closest to you, including romantic partners. When you are feelings scattered or scared, Aries, you tend to withhold from those around you, because you want to figure out what’s wrong and fix it yourself. But there is no harm in reaching out and asking for help, especially with a romantic partner — it will likely bring you closer, which may make the sex even better.


You’ve been sitting with some anger this summer, Taurus, and we can understand why. But rather than release this anger in healthy ways, you've bottled it up, shaken it around, and watched it explode at times that felt out of your control. While you’re typically a calm and rational person, the summer heat mixed with circumstances out of our control have subsequently led you to swim through the high-seas of hurt and frustration. Allow September to be a month of healing, and seek out ways to help you work through your anger and channel it into healthy activities. Perhaps you could start therapy, take a daily bike-ride through your neighborhood, or journal in the park once a week. Just like the seasons, this sour cocktail of emotion will pass, dear Taurus, and you’re ready to take the first steps into your next chapter. 


This summer was a roller coaster for you, Gemini. You hit some euphoric highs and disheartening lows, and after experiencing such an intense range of emotion, you may be entering September feeling emotionally numb. Use this next month to get back on track. Start a routine and enjoy little things throughout the day that bring you joy. Maybe it’s buying fancy coffee at the grocery store, or committing to an hour of outdoor time everyday. Engaging in impulsive behavior can lead to surprise and excitement, but what may feel best right now is finding a balance that sustains you. 


Understandably, Cancer, you’ve been in a bit of a sexual slump. Your vibrator hasn’t been touched in weeks, cuddles with your partner lead to a few soft kisses before sleep, and even Dirty Dancing doesn’t turn you on anymore. As a naturally empathetic person, you’re feeling the hurt of the world right now, and it’s difficult to set aside that pain and engage in activities that are purely for pleasure. But just like our minds need to be stimulated, our sex drive does too, and allowing yourself to feel completely uninhibited and revel in pure pleasure will do you good. You deserve to have some fun and get reacquainted with your sexual side, whether that's drawing a bath and bringing your water-proof vibrator, or making time for a sexy date night with your partner (we have lots of articles on creative sex positions, just FYI). It’s okay to enjoy yourself, we promise. 


Leos often feel their best when they are surrounded by people, so what happens when that’s not a reality anymore? We know you’ve spent the summer trying to answer this question, Leo, and you may still be looking at one big question mark. But while the last few months have encouraged you to redefine what having a “social life” is like, perhaps you can use September to get to know yourself a bit better. It’s important to find enjoyment from being alone, and who knows? It may spark an interest or hobby that you haven’t given much thought to before. Maybe *now* is the time that you write that screenplay, or begin training for that half-marathon. While you’ll always believe “the more, the merrier”, a little time getting to know yourself better may be exactly what you need.